Sunday, December 14, 2014

Follow-on Info

News from Christie

"Hi Jack. I know I STILL haven't made it out- but I'm jogging a little here and there.

I hope you are doing great. I love still getting the Sunday emails."


Christie, our recent runner turned Mother, has re-affirmed that she is still in the game. (She's on the left) The evidence appears below—she has run what looks to be an unidentified 5K.


I love the outfit, Christie, and hope that you, the outfit and baby will join us real soon!  Thanks for keeping us posted.  Not that I am keeping the pressure on you, but I have sent your message to the group.



News from Rose

"I ran the Bulow Woods half marathon yesterday.  It was a trail run with lots of tree roots and mud"


Congratulations to Rose!

December 14 Run

Before I forget it, I want acknowledge an omission in my last e-mail thanking the participants in our blanket collection outreach.  A special thanks to Laura Williams and Kirsty Walker of the Galloway group for both collecting and delivering blankets. I failed to mention their presence last Sunday.  Shame on me!!


Today's Run

Barely a dozen people turned out this glorious morning, a day which was made for running (a 43 degree start, low humidity and lots of sunshine). Jen had to do her ten miler alone on the back side.  She will be doing Boston next spring!


Last Week follow-up

My I-phone failed me last Sunday.  Here's a shot of Lynne, Sean and Gina:  Also a picture of Dave's load of blankets before they were delivered to the Coalition:





News from Bronte

A year or so ago, we had a husband-wife team join us from AustraliaBronte and Luke.  They did not get to run with us very often, but were on our mailing list. This week I heard from Bronte, reporting that Luke had already returned home and that she is following him this weekend.


In her own words:  "Luke went back to Australia a few months ago, and actually completed the Melbourne marathon in October (his first marathon) - clocked a healthy sub-3hr time too! I'm flying off this Saturday. My running has slowed to a halt for a bit, as we're expecting an addition to the family in April".


Please join me in congratulating Bronte and Luke and wishing them every success.  Wow, a sub-three hour marathon for Luke!!


Luke and Bronte wish to be removed from our mailing list now. We still have Paul Yacobellis living north of Sydney.  He has asked to remain on the list to keep track of what is happening in his former hometown.  Hope you're doing well, Paul!


Have a great week!



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blanket Collection Results

I want to share the outcome of our 2014 blanket collection with you.  The count was over 100 blankets and includes what we collected on Sunday, a generous contribution by Dave (I'm not supposed to tell you that!), and another bunch of blankets from Teresa Williams group (delivered to my house) plus blankets collected by Marathonfest and the Winter Park Dawgs.


It get's even better.  When Teresa dropped off the blankets, she also presented me with a $500 check for the Coalition.  The check is a gift from Teresa and twin sister Vonesa and their company (Home Care Connect). A very special thanks to Teresa and Vonesa!!


My sincere gratitude to all of the participating running groups for your generosity and concern for some of the neediest people in our community. You are helping a lot of people stay warm through our winter.


See you on the road!



Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7 Run

December 7 Run
Our first run in December drew about 18 people, many of them bringing blankets for our seventh annual collection for the Coalition for the Homeless.  Dave Berry was once again there with his truck and will be delivering some 50 or more blankets to the shelter tomorrow.  Contributing to this effort were our ORC Sunday group, Teresa Williams Sunday group, Galloway, Marthonfest and St. Margaret Mary Church.  Sincere thanks to all who contributed, and special kudos to Dave for his key role in this effort!
Joining us for the run were visitors Lynne, son Sean and husband Bob from D.C. and Gina who works out of both D.C. and Clermont.
Chris & I had to pass on today's run. Chris due to a knee issue and me to a foot blister!
Post run Gathering
Lynne and Sean competed in an Irish Dance Festival on Saturday and Sean came away with two wins!  The four of them joined us for breakfast at Paneras afterwards, along with Robert, Dylan and, believe it or not—Eamonn! (who is totally slammed with work and pursuing a Rollins MBA).
Yesterday's OUC Half Marathon
I have accounted for 22 of our group competing yesterday on a fairly hot day. A third of the group broke two hours!  In order of speed was Robert (1:43), Atif (1:48), Ralph (1:49), John (1:55), Mark (1:55), Mike (1:57), and Chris (1:59).
Chris took first place in umber of family members participating (five I believe)
As a consequence of running unopposed in my age group, I was able to rein in first place in the age 80 group!  My mantra is "If you can't outrun them, outlast them!"
Christine came down with the flu and was unable to fulfill her gig at the ORC water stop at mile 2.  Kirsty also volunteered for this gig and showed up with blankets this morning.  Geralynn and Helene had to scrap participating due to injuries.
By the way, this was the largest OUC Half on record, with over 3300 runners!
Have a great week!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Update for Space Coast and OUC Half

OUC Half Marathon next Saturday;

In addition to the eleven people reported in my earlier list, the following people also will be running:


Jennifer & Steve, Robert and Chris with his family entourage including wife Cindy, his two daughters and son-in-law. (Jennifer is squeezing the race in between flights to Scotland!)


That puts the wider group participation up to 17 runners!  What a great turnout this will be!!


I also failed to mention that Ben will be overseeing very convenient parking at St James School parking lot.  The fee is $10 and will give you hassle-free parking adjacent to the race start and finish lines.  The lot is at the corner of Robinson and Hillman and proceeds benefit St James School.


Reported Space Coast Results


David: Completed his first marathon in a very respectable 4:19, despite an ailing right knee!

Seth:  Ran a 4:25 race.

Helene:  "Kicked the pants" off her prior PR by one hour and fourteen minutes"

Debbie:  Helene reports that Debbie was sick all week and still managed to pull off a survival marathon effort.

Kirsty:  Turned in a non-PR 5:03


Half Marathoners

Rose:  Ran a 2:21 race

Dylan: As previously reported, did a 2:08.


CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU!  I believe that leaves only Cheryl unaccounted for.


See you at the start line on Saturday.



Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Run of November

Last Run of November

Eleven months down, one to go to complete 2014.  We had a dozen or more runners show up this morning.  As promised, Lytle and Brian joined us from Chicago and it is always great to see them.  They are a delightful married couple who moved to Chicago a few years back.  We continue to hope that they may return in the future.


Next Sunday

December 7 is our annual blanket collection day for the homeless.  We invite all of you to join us and, if possible, bring a blanket for our less fortunate families and individuals.  I already have 10 blankets delivered to me through today.  Some are from our group who can't be with us next Sunday and some are from two other participating running groups.


Dave Berry confirmed yesterday that he will again be joining us next Sunday, when we will load the donated blankets onto his truck for delivery to the Coalition for the Homeless in downtown Orlando. Thanks, Dave, for your continuing involvement!


We urge you to please join us on December 7!


Bob's Back Yard in VT

Bob kindly sent me this picture of the first snowfall at his home in Woodstock.  This should serve as a refresher course for those of us who may forget what snow looks like.  Thanks, Bob!  It is a really pristine scene above.


Space Coast Full & Half Marathons

As reported last week, we have a healthy contingent of the group competing this morning on a picture perfect race day.  I was a bit of a space cadet on this one.  Yesterday afternoon I polled everyone whom I knew was running Space Coast.  Of course, I had the wrong day.  Everyone who responded was kind about my faux pas. Hopefully they will report in their results in due course.


Breaking news:  Dylan just reported in that he completed the Half with a very respectable time of 2:08.  Congratulations, Dylan!!  He also reported sighting David & Seth at the halfway point of their marathon efforts.


OUC Half Marathon

OUC runs next Saturday. Christine, (who pulled me through five miles this morning) will be working the OUC water stop at mile 2.  Those of us running the half include myself and the following:


Abby, Helene, Debbie, Mark, Sarah, Cheryl, Geralynn & daughter Jacklynn, Atif and John.  Have I missed anyone?


See you next Sunday!  Have a great week.



Monday, November 24, 2014

December 7 Blanket Collection

Reminder re December 7 Blanket Collection

This is a reminder that we will be conducting our 7th annual blanket collection at our December 7th Sunday 7:00 AM run for the benefit of homeless people in our community.  Seven running groups will be participating in the blanket drive.


You likely have noticed that there is a bunch of 7's involved here. Seven also is reputed to be a lucky number, so we are hoping that these stats will auger well for the success of our blanket drive.  It would be a real coup if we could draw 70 of our local runners to join us that morning and bring 70 blankets.


So please try to join us two Sundays from now.  You likely will also have the opportunity to meet some of our visiting runners from Urayasu, Japan who will be participating in the OUC Half as part of an exchange program with the Orlando Runners Club.


You can contact me at 407-647-3521 if you have any questions.  Thank you for your interest and involvement in this community outreach.


Jack Gallagher