Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19

About a dozen of us had "excused absences" from this morning's run. We were competing in the 2 miler and 5 miler races at UCF. Well, not exactly.  The 5 miler turned out to be short a third of a\mile or more, since Track Shack very uncharacteristically came up with what my Garmin said was only 4.62 miles.  That provides a PR for everyone who ran the 5 miler! (Well, sort of)  Track Shack promises they will provide stats on the actual distance.


The turnout included the Talbot family running the 2 miler, with one of their sons carrying a shoe that came off towards the end of the race.  Good to see you, Viviana and Joe!


We had at least seven of the group do the "discounted" 5 miler. (Geralynn, Dawn & husband Dave, Rose, Kirsty Barbara and me)  Anyone else there that we missed?


Rose placed first, Barbara placed second and I placed first in my new octogenarian age category.


Here is a scene from this morning--Kirsty, Geralynn & me.



So what happened on Park Avenue this morning?


See ya next week! (Or next Saturday at Mead Garden if you are doing the Pumpkin 5K



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Updated Race Report for October 11 weekend

Here's some feedback on this past weekend's races:



Danny, unfortunately,  was unable to finish due to a broken foot injury which resulted in severe pain and swelling.  Sorry this happened Danny and hope you heal quickly. Hope to see you one of these days soon.


Still waiting to hear from Idanny, one of our newer runners who also ran Chicago.  I inadvertently had not added her to our distribution until today.  I'll share her results when I hear back from her.


Army Ten Miler in D.C.

As it turns out we had two in our group run this race which drew 35,000 runners

 Lynne, who is a one-time resident of Winter Park and a career Army Intelligence  civilian employee in the Pentagon.  Excerpts of her experience follow:


  • She finished in the top 20% of her age group
  • The Golden Knights parachuted in just across the street from the runner corrals before the start and a group of WWII aircraft flew over in formation after the race. Since there were 20+ planes, that was pretty cool.


Gina, who splits her time between Clermont, D.C., and travelling the country in her role as a consultant:


·        The weather was perfect at 60 degrees

·        They did an amazing job of keeping 35,000 runners


 I found out just this morning that our own Track Shacks race division has been (orchestrating this race for some time now!!


Wendy reports:  "Marathon #14 in the books & completed Pennsylvania at The Steamtown Marathon! Not my fastest, not my slowest but happy with a 4:56 for not training."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12 Run

Today's Run

It was only 70 degrees this morning, but very high humidity made it feel warmer.  Fourteen of us found our way to Park Avenue which as closed because of the Fall Art Festival.  Rob, one of our newer and younger runners joined us this morning.


Race Report

I forgot to report that Jennifer completed a half marathon two weeks ago in Nashville.  Helene reports that she and Debbie completed the Disney Tower of Terror Ten miler last weekend and both clocked PR's.  Helene has been slammed with a move, her teaching and holding a part-time job. She sends love to all!  So the Ocoee girls have been absent, but not inactive.


Carly reports that she also completed Tower of Terror. It was her first time to run this distance and she also set a PR.


Congratulations to all!!


Chicago Marathon

Idanny and Danny both are running the Chicago Marathon today. Hope you both do well and would love to get your feedback on how the race went for you.


Lynne reports from the Pentagon that she is running the Army Ten Miler today up her way, where it's a whole lot cooler than here.  Let us know how it went, Lynne.


Upcoming Races

Hope to see some of you next Sunday at the UCF Five Miler.  And don't forget the in-town fund raiser Pumpkin 5K for the benefit of Haiti on October 25th


Have a great week.



Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014

Today's Run

Befitting our first run in October, this morning turned out to be both a glorious and unique morning.  After slogging through temperatures close to 80 degrees for the past several months, we were rewarded with a 62 degree respite and humidity down to 51%.  This definitely was not a run to miss.


We had a turnout of 20 or more people.  Remarkably, about 40% of the group were new faces and included both first-time local runners and visitors from Miami and Alaska.  I believe this is the first time we have had an Alaskan join us.


Local Upcoming Races

There is a 5K Pumpkin Run on Saturday, October 25th at Mead Garden right here in Winter Park. For the first time, it will be a chip-timed race with age group awards.  The race benefits Haiti ministries by St. Margaret Mary and St Stephen Churches.  I'm hoping to run it with my 9 year old grand daughter.


The third race of the Track Shack race series is the UCF Fiver miler on Sunday, October 19th.


Hope to see a lot of you at the start line for both races.


Long Distance October Races

Seth and Idanny were out there training for upcoming races.  Idanny is primed to do the Chicago Marathon and Seth is doing the Running for the Bay 50K in Apalachicola FL


Have a great week and come sample our Fall weather next Sunday!  In the meantime, have a great week.



Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28th Run

Today's Run

Some 16 or so of the group showed up this morning to bid adieu to September.  Let's call it Sayonara Sunday.  We were delighted to see some faces whom we haven't seen for while. (Abby, Carly, Wendy and Sarah)


Unfortunately, the temperature reverted to the high 70's and made it a tougher run than the last several weeks.  Luckily, Sal Saldano again set up free water and Gatorade at Mile 4.  Sal is a big man, a very good runner, a police officer and a very generous guy.


We were expecting two new runners to join us today. Both ran into conflicts and plan to join us soon.


About eight of us convened at Panera's for breakfast, where Dylan reported a milestone in his running career.  He has surpassed 12,000 miles which is the equivalent of halfway around the world.  Congratulations!  Dylan also reported that Jen has qualified for Boston. Congratulations to you also, Jen!  Awesome!


Carly completed the Medoc Marathon a few weeks ago and regaled us with stories on the dearth of water and the abundance of wine.  As best she remembers, she had a great time.  (Just kidding, Carly!)  Her bottom line, I think, was that it wasn't a very well run race.


Hope to see many of you next Sunday. We have a lot of the group training for a bunch of October long races and the consequent need for a bundle of long runs from here on.


Have a great week!




Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 20th Run

Today's Run

It's kind of weird, but for the past two weeks, turnout has been dropping as the temperature also has dropped.  Hard to figure.  Only a dozen people showed today. I expect that turnout will pick up starting next Sunday, since we have a lot of people training for a heap of upcoming races.


Yesterday's 15K

Thos of us who ran were treated to one of the most unusual days we have had in a long time.  I don't think the temperature got above 72 degrees and we had light rain for most of the race.  Just after I finished the skies opened and we got drenched.


I saw some eight of the group out there, including Abby (who has been absent due to her Marathonfest training) Geralynn (who drove over from the coast), Ralph, Arwa, Jennifer & Steve, Barbara and myself.  I found out this morning that Mike also raced and turned a sub 1:20 performance.


Barbara pulled in a third place in her ago group and I placed first since I was unchallenged in my age group.  In fact, she was in front of me for eight miles or so before I came upon her.  Congratulations, Barbara!!  And get this:  Barbara knocked 11 minutes off her same race time a year ago!!  Wow.


I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon so far this race season.  At age 80, my first three races all have been a tad faster than last season. I didn't expect this and am hoping it continues.


Upcoming Long Race Schedule

We have about 18 people in the group training for over two dozen races between now and February. The most popular races are the Space Coast Marathon and the OUC Half, which account for over half of the entries.  I've attached the latest update.  Let me know if you see any errors or omissions.


Have a great week!




Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14 Run

Today's Run

We're halfway through September with very little let-up in the heat. We had about 16 runners ignoring that fact and showing up.  This will be Bob's last run as a Winter Park resident since he and wife Bev have sold their condo and will be spending more time at their home in Woodstock VT.  Bob is my closest friend and running buddy, so we'll have to figure out other ways to keep up.  "Keep up" is not quite the right phrase, since I have endured some 25 years trying but failing to keep up with Bob in our races.  More on that below.  Bob, we wish you and Bev well in your move and will miss you as you dial back on the amount of time you spend with us.


Eamonn, our lost sheep, turned up for a ran and breakfast at Panera's Always good to see you, Eamonn, even if we give you a hard time.


Yesterday's Rock & Run 5K

Seven of the group showed up for race #2 of the Track Shack Running Series. (Dawn, Rose, Barbara, Jennifer, Arwa, Bob and me).  Bob & I took a 1st place, Rose a 2nd and Barbara a 3rd place. Jennifer, the youngster of the pack turned in a blistering 6:37 pace!


The back story on Bob and me is that Bob threw the race so that I could extend my one race streak of placing first in my new age 80 group.  Bob is a much faster runner than I, He stayed with me and actually slowed down to finish with me.  When we reached the finish line in lock step, he insisted that I cross one second in front of him.  Luckily, I was able to snitch to Betsy Hughes what he had done and they gave both of us first place trophies.  A first!!  Here are the 161 year old men: (Courtesy of Arwa)


5K & 15K Annual Miracle Miles  next Saturday

Not sure who all is running, but Arwa, Geralynn and I are signed up. As of today, I am a little bit dicey, since I pulled something in my left leg this morning.  Keep in mind that Ben is handling parking at St James School lot just off Robinson and very convenient to the race start at Lake Eola.


Marathon Corner:

Carly in France

Carly was scheduled to do the Medoc Marathon yesterday.  Please let us know how it went, Carly!


Upcoming Chicago Marathon

Idanny told me this morning that she is running Chicago.  Also, Danny is training for Chicago.  So we have a Danny and an Idanny running the same race!  Neat.


Kirsty Walker

Kirsty had a biking accident and paramedics took her to the hospital.  She passed out twice but seems to be doing well.  Sorry to hear this, Kirsty!


I've attached an updated long race schedule.  Let me know if I've missing anything.  


Have a great week.