Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today's Run

April 20th Run

Happy Easter and Passover wishes!  We had a rather meager holiday turnout this morning (barely a dozen people.)  We were treated to a surprisingly cool 63 degree temperature.


Our ranks were buttressed by some faces we haven't seen in a while.  Lytle and Brian are visiting from Chicago and the Ocoee girls – Helene and Debbie made a cameo appearance.  We came across Danny at mile 2 and Dylan later made an appearance at Paneras after starting late.


Boston runs tomorrow.  Friend Charline will not be running but her boyfriend Mat will be. Charline is recovering nicely.  Milan from the Morse Ave. group also is doing Boston, as is a local runner by the name of Loren. Last year Loren was pulled off the course after the bombing.  She will again be running under the auspices of Mass General hospital and is fighting brain cancer.  She truly is an inspiration!


Have a great week. Hope to see you next Sunday for the last group run in April!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13 Run

Today's run

About a dozen people turned out for today's run. Michele, the ORC President, made an appearance and Dave arrived decked out in a running shirt festooned with various quips and comments about dogs.


Michele and I had a conversation in which she quoted Jon Hughes (the founder of our group) which we both seem to interpret as supporting our opposite views on running dogs as part of the group.  Jon opined correctly that the Sunday run is not owned by any group.  I thought that was the argument I was making about excluding dogs.  Michele, on the other hand, takes the position that the ORC is within its rights to run dogs.


The good news is that you will not hear another word from me about dogs for the next several weeks in the hope that logic and good intentions will prevail.


Dave and I both ended up packing it in because of injury. After I turned back, I had the good fortune of visiting with Susan Paul, friend Stacy and Barbara.


Happy Anniversary to Chris & Cindy

Chris was absent this weekend as he and wife Cindy are celebrating their wedding anniversary.  (26th, I believe) Congratulations!!


Last Weekend Race Report

Rose reports that she ran the Riverside 5K in Sanford last weekend and came in 1st in her age group. She also reported that Seth ran the 15K.  Rose promises to join us soon again.  Thanks Rose, and congratulations to both you and Seth.


Speaking of Seth, I suffered a senior moment last Sunday when I forgot to recognize two more of our group.  Seth and Rose are long-term members of both our Sunday group and the ORC. Seth also is often our host at the five mile mark, providing liquid refreshments.  Thanks for that, Seth!


Charline Gauthier

Charline is doing well after her stent implantation and will likely be released from the hospital today.  It seems likely that wife Mary and I will be taking her home later today. Her sister is arriving from Canada this evening to be with her for several days.


Thanks to those of you who expressed your concern and good wishes for her. I have bundled your comments in an e-mail and forwarded them to her. 


Historical Report on the Winter Park Sunday Running Group

My apologies for the blizzard of chit-chat spawned by my e-mail on the history of the Sunday Run yesterday. It sparked both good and bad reactions. One fallout was that our visitor from Memphis cancelled joining us this morning because of her fear of dogs.


From Paul Yacobellis, our "Australian connection"

I believe you all were copied on Paul's e-mail yesterday. Thanks so much, Paul.  You are kind indeed.  We hope that we may get to see you one of these days!


It's nice to know that we have our graduates scattered around the country and the world.


Have a great week!



Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello everyone,
In an effort to avoid sending this to the entire distribution list and assuming that anyone truly interested in or concerned about the ORC/SPCA Loaned Jogger program, as well as the public that might be researching the Orlando Runners Club and our scheduled group runs, will find it on the web, I'm posting this only to our blog.

The Orlando Runners Club (ORC) is managed by a volunteer Board of runners and walkers with an interest in promoting health/fitness in the local area.  We meet monthly to discuss the operations of the club, including our group runs, volunteer opportunities, annual 5K race (coming up on June 8), cultural exchange with our sister city in Urayasu, Japan, the scholarship program we have for local high school seniors and any other relevant topics.

For those that may only be familiar with Sunday mornings, we have another morning run every Wednesday in College Park, and evening runs on the 2nd and 4th Monday, the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Thursday from various locations in the Orlando area.  We welcome both club members and guests to all of them.

Before starting any new program, we try to consider all aspects, including the value to our Club members and the community.  The opportunity to partner with the SPCA in exercising sheltered dogs was once such new program.  It was discussed at our Board meeting, posted on our Facebook page, included in our email newsletter, and brought up at several group runs over the course of many weeks in an effort to solicit feedback.  It was never intended to be forced on anyone or to be implemented in an insensitive or careless manner. 

The idea of the program was simply that the SPCA volunteers would bring 2 - 6 trained, well-mannered and friendly dogs once per month to one of our group runs.  We chose Sunday as the first trial run as the schedule seemed to best fit the SPCA schedule and the location was beneficial as we needed a good drop off point about 1.5 miles from the start.  The dogs would be paired with volunteer runners who were willing and excited about running with a dog for a short jog.  To allow runners that do not want a dog near them, the dogs start behind the rest of the group, much like strollers and dogs are asked to start at the back of the pack in a community race event.

To assure anyone that is concerned over the safety of the themselves, other runners, or the dogs, we have tried to take every precaution possible.  The dogs are selected by the SPCA for participation in the program based on their breed, demeanor and training.  They are NEVER permitted off leash, and supplies are provided to ensure any "messes" are cleaned up.  The runners with the dogs are all volunteers; no one is EVER asked to run with an animal against their will. 

The Board will continue to discuss the Loaned Jogger program at our future meetings and work with the SPCA and our members to promote the success of the program.  We hope that others in the club and the guests that join us each week in our many runs will support the program in spirit, even if you do not volunteer to run with a dog. 

Thank you.

Re: Running


First of all, I apologize for the Reply All. I just wanted to make sure anyone who is active in this discussion sees my reply.

I think this topic has gotten a little out of control, so I should clarify a few things. The Orlando Runners Club is not asking anyone to run with a dog. We simply offered--as an option--to have a few designated individuals and interested volunteers, someone who actually wants to run with a trained dog from the SPCA. These are dogs that the SPCA has already spent time with to prepare for the run.

The questions is simply this: will it bother anyone if the dogs meet on the opposite corner and run with volunteering participants along a 1.5-mile portion of the route (not the whole thing and not getting in anyone's way). We (ORC) only want to use the Sunday run once per month as a meeting point. We are not asking anyone to run with a dog if this isn't something you're excited about doing. The concept was a community partnership opportunity that sounded like a wonderful idea for all parties. These dogs get exposure and exercise while dog lovers have the opportunity to mingle.

We want to start the group run at the same time and location simply so runners have the option to pick a dog to run with, if they want to. However, we are not forcing anything on anyone. We are planning to keep the dogs separated from the group so no one who is afraid of dogs has to worry. I'm sorry this was not made clear.

Please feel free to reply directly to me (please don't reply all) if you have specific questions that I can bring to the Board and the organizers of this event.

Thank you!

Cheryl Sobering
volunteer board member, ORC

PS - If anyone has problems with Pumpkin joining our run, please let me know privately. I did not realize there was opposition to this, so I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014

Today's Run

We had a rather sparse turnout of about ten runners today. I was surprised by the arrival of several new faces to the group who came out to run dogs   Unknown to me, the ORC kicked off a program which is great, but which I do not think is appropriate for our Sunday running group.  Feel free to weigh in on the topic.

Races last weekend

Rose placed first in her age group at the Inaugural Storm The Campus 10 miler at UCF.

Kirsty completed the Inaugural Tamoka Marathon.

Eamonn completed a triple header  "Tour de Pain" race in Jacksonville consisting of a 10K on Saturday morning, a 5K in the evening and a Half Marathon on Sunday.  For good measure, they threw in two bridges in the last two miles of all three races!

Wendy, if memory serves me correctly, ran the Tamoka Half Marathon.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, Wendy)

Congratulations to all of you!

US Airways article on Winter Park

Last week, thanks to Lynne, you saw the cover of the magazine featuring Winter Park.  Here is a link to the full article in the March issue:


Have a great week!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30th Run

News regarding Jon Hughes
Jon, as I am sure you all know, is the owner of Track Shack and a long time avid runner and race director.  I was taken aback this week to hear that Jon had a significantly blocked artery and underwent surgery to implant a stent.  On the same day, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal dealing with blockages in some elite runners. (  I urge you to read that article, since I believe that, as runners, we tend to think of ourselves as being somewhat invulnerable to coronary issues.  If I have the story correctly, Jon knew better than his doctors that something was amiss.
Today's run
We had a healthy turnout of some 18 people. We were rewarded with an idyllic 57 degree sunny morning.  This may turn out to be the most comfortable temp we will enjoy for the next six months or so.
Eamonn was up in Jacksonville racing.  He will have to fill in the details, but it looks like it was a triple header!  Eamonn, please let us know what mischief you were up to!!
Go figure
While running on Park Avenue last Wednesday morning, Chris and I encountered a scene which I captured on my I-phone in front of the shoe store just north of our Sunday starting point:
We are lost for a theory on what unfolded that some runner would shed his shoes in the middle of the sidewalk. Because of its location, all of you are suspect.  Any ideas or confessions?
News from Lynne
Thanks to Lynne, we have a picture of the front cover of Southwest Airlines magazine.  It features a familiar canal scene just past Mile 2 on our running route.  Note the tag line. "A Florida oasis where you will wish you lived." We sometimes forget how lucky we are!
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23rd Run

March 23rd Run

We had a turnout of 18 people this morning for the first Sunday run in Spring.  With the Art Festival in progress, we had no traffic to contend with running up Park Avenue.


Many thanks to Seth for the hospitality oasis at his house which is at Mile 5 on the route.


Some of the group convened at Panera's afterwards and shared a ton of good laughs together.


Wendy joined us for a 12 mile run, her first with our group since she got married in January and honeymooned in Jackson Hole.  She is in training for Grandma's Marathon in June.  Our best wishes to you, Wendy.  Hope to see you soon again!



Eamonn ran the New York City Half Marathon last Sunday.  He turned in a 4:10 performance on a very cold morning in the Big Apple.    He also resumed his career in the construction industry this month after a several month search.  Congratulations to you, Eamonn and good luck in your new life here in the United States!



Thought for the week

You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.  (H. L Mencken)


Have a wonderful week.  Please join us next Sunday for the last run in March!