Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th Run

Today's Run

We experienced a slight relief from last week's running conditions, and I mean slight. Some 15 people turned up, including a visitor from the UK and a mother and son team, Drew and Robert.  Robert has just relocated here to start his new engineering job on the major construction project of expanding I4. I've added Robert to our roster, so please welcome him when you see him.


Robert and the UK visitor are both fine runners and they (remarkably) carved out their own route on the fly this morning and still managed to return safely.


My apologies to Jennifer and Steve.  I thought I had added them to our mailing list, but found out otherwise this morning.  That omission has been rectified with this mailing!


Based on an encounter at Paneras this morning, I expect another new runner to join us next Sunday!


A bunch of us made it to breakfast, including Arwa, Jennifer, Steve, Christine, Rob and Dylan.  (Dylan is off to Rhode Island for two weeks vacation)


Small World

This morning I received a text from Charline who flew to Atlanta a few days ago.  She related that she ran into David this morning.  Both of them were running along the river in Marietta!   Seems like you can run but you can't hide!  Charline, by the way, is making a remarkable recovery after her heart incident a few months ago.  I believe she is already back to a six mile runs!


Lat night's ORC Awards Banquet

A number of our Sunday runners placed first in their age categories, ranging from Cheryl (25-29), Kirsty (50-54), Rose (65-69) Barbara (70-74),) and myself (75-79).  I graduate to the 80 and over group in two weeks!!  Congratulations to the four ladies who span fifty years of the age group spectrum.


Long Race Roster

The roster for the coming months has become too challenging for me to maintain.  Thus I suggest that those who have races to add should do so on the attached spreadsheet and return a revised copy with changes highlighted.  I will still attempt to incorporate the changes on my master list and reissue it.  Also see the link to Seth's blog.  Seth is our most prolific long distance runner, so you can follow him better that way


About a dozen of the group are signed up for 40-some races through next February so it looks like an active race season.  Carly and Helene will be doing races in Europe:  Helene in Dublin very shortly and Carly in France.


Have a great week!




Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20th Run

Today's Run

In a word: HOT & HUMID.  We started out with an 80 degree temperature.  A good run to have behind us.  Turnout was a bit light—a dozen or so hearty souls.


Today we officially welcome Edna to the group.  She has run with us the last several weeks and is now on our distribution list.  Welcome Edna!


Turnout was a bit sparse at about thirteen runners.  Dylan was back after a business trip to Baltimore (my old stomping grounds) Not only did he get to do some Inner Harbor runs out to Fort McHenry—he even assisted in taking down the flag one evening (a huge one).  Inspired by this he showed up for breakfast sporting a great remembrance shirt for the 200th Anniversary of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.  I believe he is planning to return for the celebration on September 14.


Got to see Danny and ran a bit with him near mile two.  He was finishing up a 16 miler and told me he is training for the Chicago Marathon.  That one comes a bit early so he dealing with some tough hot weather training.  Good luck, Danny!!


Mike is back from Jackson Hole where he arrived right after I left there a week or so ago.  Here's his summation of the experience:  "I arrived Friday and ran an 18k Saturday morning - the Cache Creek 18k.  Gorgeous running with 1550 elevation change (up) the first 9k and 1600 downward the last 9k.   My lungs were pounding the first half and my quads were pounding the second half.  (Mike didn't mention that the starting altitude was about 7000 feet!!)


Cheryl and Brita are scheduled for a Fall race in Austin.  Cheryl, would you let me know the details.  My feeble brain did not retain the info!


I've attached an updated long race schedule for the fall.  Please check it for completeness and accuracy.  It has been difficult to maintain!!


ORC Awards Banquet

Takes place next Saturday evening at Azalea Park.  Hope to see some of you there!


Have a great week!



Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13 Run

We had a very well-attended run this morning.  Twenty or so people turned out today.  Among the group were three new faces (Rob, Vera and Cathy) plus

 two faces we have not seen for a while. (Jackie & husband Kurt).  Jackie goes back about 22 years with the group and has the title of "Adopted Daughter" of wife Mary and me.  Ed returned after a protracted absence due to injuries.


Rob just moved here from Connecticut to attend UCF's school of hospitality. Welcome to the group, Rob!


Afterwards, we also had a good turnout of a dozen or so people for breakfast at Paneras. This included Eamonn, who didn't get to run, but who showed up for breakfast.  Eamonn gets a bye on missing the run since he is keeping a very challenging schedule with his construction job and his pursuit of a Rollins MBA.


It was good to be back from Wyoming where we vacationed last week.  I had the pleasure of running a few days in Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, where the morning temperature was 50ish and the elevation between 6200 and 6800 feet.  That beats this morning's 77 degrees.


Hope to see a lot of you next Sunday!



Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29th Run

Today's Run

Our run today completes the first half of 2014! In the coming months we will have a lot of people training for a wide variety of fall and winter long races.  In that vein, I goofed on the last schedule.  I had Seth running two races which he is not planning to do:  Steamtown and the Inlet Harbor Half.  Will the real owner please claim these races??  An updated schedule is attached.


Today's turnout of 14 or so runners braved a starting temperature of 79 degrees.


Chatter from the crew

Jeff reported a successful completion of a 150 mile bike ride in Minnesota for which he raised $1500 for MS.  He also became a grandfather with the birth of grandson Lucas Hyson on June 17th!  Congrats, Grandpa, and welcome to the club. Jeff is still fighting some nagging injuries.  Hope to see you soon, Jeff!


Additions to the long race schedule

At this point we have at least 10 of us planning to run 20 different races through next January. Seth accounts for a half dozen of these races!


Barbara reports that she is joining Rose to run the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon at Ponce Inlet in October.


Abby reports that she has joined Marathonfest and plans to tackle three long races:

(Disney Wine & Dine, OUC Half and the Disney Marathon).  Please pace yourself Abby!  You are biting off a lot.


If I have missed anyone, please let me know!


Next Sunday

I will be in Jackson Hole WY running at an elevation about 7000 feet, likely with a 40 degree temperature!  .Will miss seeing the crew, but not the heat!


Have a great week.



Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22 Run

Today's run

Today is the second day of Summer and it made itself felt!  We were challenged with a 77 degree start and a killer humidity.  That failed to deter about 18 of us this morning.  It was a very unusual day, given the fact that a third of the group were first timers and visitors.  Adding to the interest was the fact that three of the runners were children in the age 6 to 8 category and they turned in some impressive performance!.


We welcome Joe and Viviana to the group, along with their two children and friends from Virginia.  They are planning on becoming regulars.  We also hosted Amanda from Williamsburg VA. She is here with her daughter who is competing in a volley ball tournament in Orlando.


Eamonn showed up at Panera's after the run.  He has found a better way-- Skip the run and show up for breakfast!  Just kidding Eamonn.  We know you are a very busy man.  Eamonn announced that he is signed up for the New York City Marathon, so I think we will soon be seeing more of him.


Dylan is planning to run the Space Coast Marathon and already is at 10 miles for his Sunday run.


Congratulations to Wendy

Wendy reported in last night that she completed Grandma's Marathon in Duluth MN on Saturday. In her own words:


"I finished Grandma's marathon this morning in 4:26:37. I took 5 minutes off my PR! It was a great course!  Very hilly (more uphill than down), 43 degrees at the start & about 56 at the finish! A very well organized race & highly recommended! :) Everyone in my pace group had a PR"


Updated Itinerary of Long Races in 2014

See the attached schedule.  I have included only those who have reported their plans.


Have a great week.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Follow up on June 15 Run

Upcoming Race Season

Five of our female runners have reported in on their upcoming races and plans for races later in the year.  The array of races is impressive and includes two international races.  Carly is going to France, and Helene to Ireland!  Note that those who have reported in all are females!  Here is the list at this point:















Grandma's Marathon, Duluth












Dublin Rock & Roll Half Marathon











Marathon du Medoc,

Bordeaux, France











Tower of Terror













New York City Marathon












Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon Disneyland

















Disney Marathon













Goofy Challenge













Star Wars Rebel Challenge - Disneyland


























I received an enthusiastic response from Kimara, a young lady who joined us for the first time two Sundays ago.  She says in part: "I ran with Kristin and Jaime, had a great time, ran further than I expected and finished up with Rose and Shirley.  I will certainly be back, just gotta be ready for 6 miles!  Been stuck at 3 miles all year."


I think I know who Shirley was.  Does anyone know Kristin or any other new people who showed up?


Helene, speaking for the Ocoee Girls:

"Debbie and I got so very busy at the end of the school year.... Haven't made it back to WP but think of you all often. Debbie and I are going to Knoxville, TN next week for a long weekend to visit her son Daniel who just moved there. We are hoping to find a race along the way. I am running the Rock n Roll half in Dublin in August. So excited! Debbie and I are both doing Tower of Terror in October and the Inaugural Avengers half at Disneyland in CA in November. She is doing Disney Marathon in January but I decided to go for the Goofy Challenge. I'm also going back to CA in January the week after Goofy to do the Star Wars Rebel Challenge at Disneyland.

Kirsty:  "I ran the inaugural Echo Half Marathon last Sunday.  It was a scenic mostly shady course along a paved trail from Osteen to Green Springs in DeBary.  It was very well supported.